Get more ‘Likes’ in 20-minutes a day without Spending a Dime

Have you struggled to get Likes for your Business page? You’re not alone. Here are 3 quick, easy and FREE #growthhacks that have worked for increasing Likes on my Facebook Business Page.

#ProTip: Invite Friends to Like the page: This strategy works but can quickly be perceived as spammy so be careful you don’t alienate your Friends, you want them as brand advocates. So take it slow here, mind the limits Facebook has in place and be respectful of your Friends (whether you know them in real-life or not). I have 1,500+ friends, initially I reached out to my family and close friends for Likes. Don’t think these were easy to actually get. Sometimes complete strangers get the importance of Liking a Business page before your family and close friends do.

#ProTip: Engage with a Friend’s content consistently then Invite him/her to like your page. Facebook will remind them to Like your page if they don’t but you can also send them a quick reminder via PM.

Take Action: Invite Friends & Send a PM to Follow-up Within your Business page, Invite 10 of your Friends per day to Like your page. These Likes won’t come in all at once but they will trickle in over time. If you don’t get a Like in a few weeks send that person a Private Message with the link to your page and a thank you in advance for supporting your business. Offer to Like a page if they have one – there’s nothing wrong with a Like for a Like!

Sample PM (use your own writing style): “Hey Sally! You may not realize but last week I invited you to Like my Business page, DaRosaNewMedia. Believe it or not, Likes help my business grow & I’d appreciate your support. Let me know if you or a family member has a Business page I can like, I’d be happy to reciprocate!” Thanks so much, Liz

#ProTip: Post on the Like-for-a-Like threads If you’ve done this you know that many people there ‘post & run’ (they don’t reciprocate)! I only spend about 15 minutes a month Liking pages in hopes of the promised reciprocation. Low Commitment – Low Reward, you can find more opportunities than you could ever take advantage of by searching for: #FanPageFriday #FacebookFanFriday #FanPageParty. These hashtags will uncover parties and walls to participate in on Fridays. Focus on pages for your target market (i.e. if you sell to women join those for women-owned businesses, if you sell a product that parents need check out ones where parents are active and so on). If you’re in Groups there are likely other social sharing days throughout the week for sharing your Business page and other social media platforms.

#ProTip: Recently, a Friday favorite of mine is WAHM Addict which has 9.2k likes is run by a woman no surprise her efforts attract women-run Business pages (Helping Women be successful selling online is one of my target audiences so this is targeted growth for me!). This Friday fav is full of women who sell a variety of products and services and they reciprocate Likes, Comments and Engagement. This growth hack can also turn into a low-key networking opportunity if I see a woman who I may want to reach out to for a future collaboration.

Strategy #3: Subtly (or not so subtly) mention your Business page on your Personal page.

I try not to do this often because I don’t want to spam my friends and push them to ignore my Personal page because they perceive I’m ‘selling’ to them (which I’m not!) I share a post from my Business page once every two weeks just as a reminder of what I do. I notice that when I do this I don’t always get a new Like but I do get more engagement on my Business page.

#ProTip: Put a simple message on your Personal page such as “Friends: I am recruiting for healthcare professionals in Florida #essentialworkers. Please send any of your Florida friends my way, I’d love to help them out!” You’ll notice with this message, I did NOT include a graphic, I did NOT include my website but I do tag my Business page so they can click right to it. That’s it, a low-key ‘FYI’ message to my friends, not asking for a Like but giving them the opportunity to help out another friend if there happens to be a fit. This also acts as a subtle reminder to your friends about one of the services/products you offer.

When I post a subtle message like this to my personal page, I get more views and engagement of my Business page and sometimes a page Like. I’d say that’s a win for a free strategy that takes a whole 15 seconds to implement!

Try one or all of these free strategies to market your Business page without spending a dime. All-in your time commitment for these 3 growth hacks is under 20 minutes (weekly). Put these strategies in place for a month to see increased traffic and engagement on your Business page. Use the ‘Page Insights’ feature on Facebook to track the Reach and Engagement for different posts over the month so you know what worked and didn’t work.

Have you used another (quick, easy & free) growth hack to increase exposure for your Business page? Let me know if you try any of these #ProTips and brag about your success!

If I haven’t Liked your Business page invite me to like it or PM me the link - I only ask that you support me too!

In June, I’m offering a free marketing review of one Business page – reach out & let’s see if I can help you get more targeted exposure on Facebook as you grow your business.

Much Success & Growth Hacking, Liz

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